2015 Gallery – Jed Dwight

All images on this page courtesy of Jed Dwight.

And the trophy itself!

Show Champion Champion Large Soft Feather Light Large Silver Spangled Hamburg Male Creighton & Maynard

Show Champion
              Champion Large Soft Feather Light
             Large Silver Spangled Hamburg Male
                        Creighton & Maynard


Reserve Show Champion Champion True Bantam White Pekin Female J.Kay & Sons

Reserve Show Champion Champion True Bantam
White Pekin Female
J.Kay & Sons



Best Andulusian, Deb Howe, Large Female

Winning Wheaten Modern Game Female

Winning Silver Duckwing Modern Game Bantam Male

Winning Black OEG Bantam Female

Show Champion, Champion SF Bantam, James Firth, Black Australorp Bantam Male

Reserve Champion, Champion HF Bantam, Trevor Thompson, Furness OEG Bantam Female — with Trevor Thompson and Lee Grant

Champion Waterfowl, Tom Buck, Trout Runner Drake

Champion Juvenile, Charlie English. Jane English

Champion Large Hard Feather, Shamo Male

Champion Rare Breed, Tom Buck, Black Sumatra Bantam Female

Champion Trio, Tom Buck, Saxony Ducks

A judge and a frizzled chicken...Philippe Wilson — with Philippe Wilson

Barred German Langshan Bantam Female, Bradley Ben

Best Non-Standard Call Duck

Best Minorca, Bantam Female

Best Lakenvelder, Large Male — with Kayleigh Freidl

Best Barbu Du'Grubbe, Paco Delgado

Best Barbu De'Watermael, Cuckoo Female

Best Opposite Size Australorp, Large Black Female, Tom Soper

Best Opposite Size German Langshan, Bradley Ben, Large White Male

Best Opposite Size Minorca, R.Walker, Large Black Female

Best Opposite Size New Hampshire Red, Daniel & Derek Wakeham

Best Opposite Size Sussex, Large Speckled Hen

Best Rhodebar, Deb Howe, Bantam Female

Best Rouen, David Neill

Best Soft Feather Heavy Rare Bantam, Best Norfolk Grey, Gina Upex, Bantam Female

Best Welbar, Deb Howe, Bantam Female

Best Yellowbelly Call, Ann Gardener

Bresse Female

Blue Minorca Bantam Male

Blue German Langshan Bantam Female, Bradley Ben

Black-Red Auracana Bantam Female

Black Breda Female

Brown Leghorn Bantam Female

Champion German Langshan, Mark Simon, White Bantam Male

Champion Laced Wyandotte, Kerry Wilson, Blue Laced Bantam Female

Champion Ladies Exhibit, Deb Howe, Large Black Croad Langshan Male

Champion Soft Feather Light Bantam, Derek Howells, Welsummer Female

Large Black Auracana Female

Large Australorp Male, Tom Soper

Gold Sebright Female, winner of the Juvenile AOV True Bantam Female class for Rhys James

Citroen Groninger Bantam Female

Champion Sussex, M.Griffiths, Light Bantam Female

Large Cuckoo Leghorn Female, Richard Grice

Reserve Champion Waterfowl, Champion Call, Peter Hamill, Mallard Female

Best Opposite Size, Large Silver Laced Wyandotte Male, Ed Jones

Rosecombed Rhode Island Red Bantam Male, Graham Mitchell

Lemon Blue German Langshan Bantam Male

Reserve Best Belgian, Best D'Uccle, Stephen Taylor, Millefleur Male

The Prize!

Reserve Champion Japanese

Winning Black Booted Male

Winning Black Booted Female

White Wyandotte Bantam Male, Marcia Gilbert

White Leghorn Bantam Female

Those that have won that prize taking a rare opportunity to see the actual trophy! ? — with Stephen Taylor, David Pownall and Stephen Hodge

Winning Blue Wyandotte Bantam Male

Winning Large Croad Langshan Female, Deb Howe

Winning Cayuga Female, Deb Howe

Winning Large Rhode Island Red Male

Winning Crele Leghorn Bantam male, Paul Hallum

Winning Large Sicilian Buttercup Male, Harriett Jane Caudrey

Winning Rumpless Game Female

Winning Junior De'Watermael

Winning Scots Grey Bantam Male

Winning Sebright Male in the AOV Juvenile True Bantam Male class for Rhys James

Winning Silver Barnevelder Bantam Female, Dani Pegley

Winning Welbar Bantam Male, Deb Howe

Winning White Runner, Alfie Worley. Marcel Worley Winning White Runner Drake, Alfie Worley. Marcel Worley Winning current year White Runner female, Alfie Worley. Marcel Worley