2015 Gallery – Rupert Stephenson

All images on this page courtesy of Rupert Stephenson.

Tim Daniels busy photographing

The Rupert Stephenson trophy with Rupert and Wendy Shackle


Supreme show champions Creighton and Maynard with trophy

smallholder feeds

Stephen Rich and Harry Caunce judging modern game

Stu Gamble Louise Carpenter

Supreme show champion Hamburgh Robin Creighton and Terry Maynard

Supreme show champions Creighton and Maynard with trophy 2

Show champions Creighton and Maynard

Serama club stand

Sally Eynon VW Egg 4

Rupert stephenson choosing champion juvenile photograph

Roland Woods at champion circle

P Watkinson

personalised hand carved judging stick

photo, take this then

Reserve champion Frizzle Tamita Retter

Reserve Pekin show Champion Jonathan Peters 2

Norfolk Grey club 90th Anniversary Roland Axman

Norfolk Grey club 90th Anniversary Reverend Balding

Norfolk Grey club 90th Anniversary Club members 2

Norfolk Grey club 90th Anniversary 2

Marans A and R James 2

Marcia Gilbert Best Large Wyandotte hen 2

Marcus Walker Blue Orpington

Mike and Sylvia Hatcher still hard at work

Nancie Hutchinson

Kevin Langley Best opposite size Pencilled Wyandotte 2

julia jessop serama male 4

Joe and Kirsty Harrison judging Plymouth rock egg show 2

Jeff Harris Serama male

ill just shake my head a bit

Gold Sebright Rhys James 2

Gold Dutch cockerel Paul Reading

Harrison and Wells

Harrison and Wells Champion large soft feather HJeavy Gold Brahma

Iasn Wileman hard at work photographing

Fancy Fowl team 2

Ella Morgan Reynolds with her Quail Dewatermael 3

Egg show 3

Egg show 2

Egg show

Derek Wakeham Chief steward and photography steward

Deb Howe _1

Deb Howe langshan with trophy

Decorated egg Godfrey and Peacock

Decorated eggs 2

Decorated eggs

Claire Bebe judging Seramas

Co Shamo male Helen Cooper 2

Colin Clarke with personalised hand carved judging stick 2

Creighton and Maynard Supreme show champion hamburgh 2

Creighton and Maynard with Champion judge Rodney Wood with best in show Hamburgh

Chris Parkerjudging Rosecombs

Chris JonesPoultry Artist with Dutch bantam painting

Championship Judge Mr Rodney Wood

Champion Waterfowl Grey Chinese with lady

Champion Waterfowl Grey Chinese Marcel Worley 2

Champion Rare breed Sultan L and S Allen 2

Champion Serams Kim Gilbert 3_1

Champion Soft feather light bantam D Howell 2

Champion Trio Light Sussex bantams M Griffiths 3

Champion Turkey D Tanner

Champion Marans A and R James 2

Champion Ladies Exhibit Croadlangshan Deb Howe with bantam friend

Champion Ladies Exhibit Croadlangshan Deb Howe

Champion Faveroles bantam Thomas Brown

Champion Eggs E Eastham

Caroline Hadley and steward judging eggs

Champion Bantam hard feather Modern Game P Watkinson

Champion Black Wyandotte Bernie Coles

Champion circle

Champion Dutch Silver Steven Taylor

Brest of breed Brakel Glynes Knifton Reed 2

Brakels can be a little flighty

Best Wellsummer eggs C Wilson

Best soft feather heavy bantam Joe Merchant and Sophie Telling

Best Silkie eggs Nicola Short

Best opposite size Asian Satsumadori W and S Taylor

Best opposite size Barnevelder Colin Booth 2

Best oppositesex Araucans Dai Davis

Best Orpington D Pownall 2

Best Rouen David Neill

Best New Hampshire Red Large Fowl Team Wakeham 2

Best of Breed Barnevelder Sue mitchell

Best of breed New Hampshire Red bantam Chris Compton 3

Best opposite sex Indian Runner Marcel Worley

Best opposite sex to champion Czech M Hicks 2

Best Marans eggs C and W Oldcorn

Best Marans bantam Ben Goulding 2

Best large game Carlise Peter Watkinson 2

Best large Australorp Tom Soper

Best Game bantam Modern Peter Watkinson 2

Best Bronze Turkey Sophie Telling 2

Best Buff Columbian Brahma B and J Short 2

Best Dark Dorking Tim Beila 2

Best Dutch Silver hen Steven Taylor

Best furnace OEG L and R Brittain 2

Best AOC Male De Grubbe Belgian A Fallon

Best Auto sexing Legbar Emily DeGray 2

Best Bantam Faveroles Louise Westwater 2

Best Blue Australorp bantam Anita James

Best Blue Orpington bantam B and J Short

Anita James Champion bantam Australorp

Andy and AlistairMarshall with Felicity Sharpe judging Sussex trios

Adrian Knaggs and Nicky Demain judging Dutch

A Fallon Best white self coloured Belgian 2

1st Silver Appleyard Trevor Chambers

1st Gold Dutch male Paul Reading

1st Juvenile AOV True bantam Silver Sebright Rhys James 2

1st Large non standard Polish Tolbunt Reece Thomas

1st Large Scots Dumpy Tamita Retter

1st Partridge Wyandotte pullet Mark Cutler 2

1st Ayam Cemani Wendy Taylor 2

1st blue partridge Dutch Pullet Lindsey Hine

Toddy Hamilton Gould bieng assesed for egg exam by Bill Oldcorn 2