PCGB National Show Sale Regulations

  1. During this time of increased risk to our national flock, any bird showing signs of respiratory disease during inspection will be prohibited from entering the gathering. In addition, all other birds from the same owner and/or place of origin will also be excluded. This measure is a recommendation from the authorities responsible for the control and prevention of notifiable avian diseases in the UK. Entry fees will not be refunded when birds are excluded on health grounds.
  2. Vendors to provide suitable boxes for all birds, which will be numbered on pen allocation on the day.
  3. Birds must be over 20 weeks old.
  4. No Asian Hard Feather will be accepted.
  5. No limit on number of pens purchased but we reserve the right to return monies if the pens are oversubscribed.
  6. 16:00 and 20:00 hours on Friday, 30th November 2018 or between 06:30 and 08:30 hours on Saturday, 1st December 2018. Last admittance on Friday 30th November 2018 is 19:30. Show hall closes at 20:00. No admittance outside these times without prior permission of the show manager.
  7. Vendors must complete the declaration before admittance to the show.
  8. Pen numbers will be allocated on the day.
  9. 12½% commission deducted if sold.
  10. Pens will be cable-tied when filled after inspection and will only be filled once.
  11. Sold birds may only be removed by a Steward and may be removed immediately they are sold or may stay until 1pm Sunday when all sales pens must be cleared. Sold birds will receive a pass out and must leave by the designated exit only. Pass out to be surrendered on leaving the hall.
  12. Feeding and watering of sales birds will be the responsibility of the Sales Pen Stewards.